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Independent Beachbody Coach

About Me

Hi.  I’m Jim Nash.  I’m a guy who was very active in my youth, but over the years, I hate to admit that I really let myself go.  Like many people, when I finished college and began my career, my job took up my time and my health took a back seat.  I’ve struggled with depression and my weight ever since then.  At 49 years old, I eclipsed at 320 pounds!  I finally made a decision to start taking care of myself, and put my own health before my job.  I’ve gained so much experience and now I am sharing my new knowledge to motivate anyone who is willing to go through the journey of becoming healthy and fit.
My personal goal is to be the healthiest that I’ve ever been in my life.  I want to enjoy life without always being tired and unmotivated.  And, I know that by becoming healthy and being able to do all these things that my self-esteem will get stronger and stronger.  In addition to my personal goal, I love helping others who have the same dreams to become healthy and happy in their lives.